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Monday, August 13, 2007

1/4 year

Over 3 months have passed since I made an entry here. Clearly I overestamated my blogging ability. Time to come up with something to write about. Thus, the current position of my interests:

Music: Detroit Cobras, The Dirtbombs, Ratatat, Justice

Last: Tristram Shandy - very good stuff. Steve Coogan is like Julie Roberts in that he can only really play himself and he has a massive mouth. He is however, likable and funny. Good for him.
Next: Either Simpsons or Bourne Ultimatum. Not much sense in pretending there's a less blockbuster-scale movie currently in theaters that I really want to see.

Books: Debating at the moment. It's between re-reading the 6th potter book, picking up the 7th, and giving fiction a rest and taking up "The Aquatic Ape" as recomended by my brother.

Games: Odin Sphere (still, kind of) Brave Story (PSP) and Guitar Hero as always. Anticipation for Rock Band increases a little each week.

Comics: Invincible, BPRD: Killing Ground, Conan (current Dark Horse run as well as the Roy Thomas reprints)

Ok that's enough for now. Better not get into anything else - must pace myself here you know.