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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Entries in the 300 thread on the Drawingboard; Therapy

Film is an unappreciated art these days. I don't mean no one watches movies, but that people watch movies for the wrong reasons.

Example: going to 300 and expecting an oscar-worthy historical epic. My film taste is more broad lately, and I think I'm better for it. There's the socially conscious documentaries you see to educate yourself on world/historic situations, there's the arthouse films that explore life and it's many facettes' corollaries withing the human condition. Then there's the occasional blockbuster that rises just enough about the typical level of cattle feed to admit you enjoyed it. You don't go to be challenged, or to see fine character portrayal. You go for the glory of dudes is leather tighty-whiteys whom are handed swords and an endless supply of stuntmen to evicerate. It's not about lowering your expectations, it's about accepting that once in a while you need violent, visceral eye candy to pull you out of office life, if only for 110 minutes. And I think the 7 guys I talked into ditching work to see it with me would agree. I just hope it's not the reason Dan got fired.

If so, my bad.

Did a couple for the Drawingboard's 300 thread...

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Alan said...

Sweet pictures man! I really need to learn to sketch drawings.