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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

For the sake of Blogging.

Well just shy of 2 months isn't so bad. That's what - 1/6th of a year? It's still more frequent than I thought I'd be making entries.

Well, fresh off a break-up and not yet ready to talk about it, I will write about other stuff. How about the world's problems? Too much war - stop fighting already. Famine's still around? How about we stop over-processing the ass-loads of meat that fastfood companies utilize and ship it somewhere else? Oppressive governments and facist regimes lorded over populations of nations - get a gun and shoot anyone who tells you you can't do something. You have my permission. Yeah we are still facing diseases like Cancer, AIDs, and even smallpox ain't wiped out like they said it was. Cure them already.

There. I just solved all the world's problems. That was a good 5 minute distraction.

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